Observations, errors, + corrections
  For this project I began by writing observations about events around me. The writing, in English and Spanish, contains frequent digressions from words and their meanings and how that related to observations I was making. I then edited out parts of the text as I considered questions of censoring information.

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Bad day/good day
  In this project I define a bad day as a day where my work remains distant and uncooperative and a good day as a day where I am able to have a dialogue with the drawing. Taken together these experiences are documented in a variety of rendered drawing, marking, scratching, tearing and abrading of the surface.

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  busy? is a group of drawings made on hand-stained paper using ink, pencil and cut up pieces of other drawings. The text contains lists and obligations of things I needed to be doing for friends and family. Interspersed is a running commentary in Spanish and English. These drawings are available through Central Booking in d.u.m.b.o.

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