Current Work 2013
  These are some of the things I've been working on in the studio this year. I have been changing the scale and focus in some of these drawings.

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Work from Residency at The MacDowell Colony
  The work I made during my residency at The MacDowell Colony was a continuation of the project "Observations, errors, and corrections" where I used my surroundings as material for commenting on human experience. After making observations through writing and drawings, I reworked each section correcting anything I consider an “error”.

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Work from Residency with Edward Albee Foundation
  The work I made during my residency through the Edward Albee Foundation grew out of my frustration with the condition of the floor - a surface that was made up of cracked linoleum and cement. I had thought I would be able to make large drawings on the floor but the surface was too deteriorated and uneven. I decided I would use the floor's condition as the basis for the work I would produce.

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The Jolly Balance
  I made these drawings on pages from a 1918 scientific journal that a friend sent me. The obsessive handwriting and detailed charts seemed to insist that things could be explained and controlled. I decided to look behind the procedural descriptions, taking words and phrases out of context to describe things that defy control, accentuating the humorous, absurd, and craziness of the human condition.

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Points of Error
  This project was based on a series of medical procedures where I became both the observer and the object of actions out of my control. As the observer, I saw myself split into three separate parts: the rational, curious, thinking person; the sensory, tactile, physical being; and the feeling emotional, reactive being. These paintings depict these three viewpoints, using marks that mimic those experiences.

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