I write and draw using text as a vehicle for consolidating thoughts and directing a line of inquiry.  Drawn areas and mark-making are a non-verbal continuation of the particular inquiry.  The text is in English and Spanish, a language I have been studying, and one that I find myself thinking in as I draw.  As I write, nuances in translation become opportunities for digressions on ideas that relate to themes I am interested in:  how we communicate, what thoughts are kept private, what we try to control, and how we balance the daily pulls in our lives.

For example, the triptychs Interference I and II, (Projects>Work from Residency with Edward Albee Foundation), were made in a barn where all the surfaces were uneven, the walls had crevices that allowed frequent visits by birds, squirrels and insects, and gusts of wind would unexpectedly twist the scroll drawings.  This lack of control became material for the work as I considered ideas of interference in that particular environment and in larger areas of my life.  The surface of the floor, which I found annoying, became one that I duplicated in drawn sections.  In this way, I use the situation I find myself in, including problems and unforeseen accidents, and often emphasize these problems or "mistakes" within the work.

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